Free Screenwriting Software: Amazon Storywriter Review

86Amazon Studios just released a new, FREE scriptwriting software.

Let’s see what it can do.

It’s called Amazon Storywriter and it’s a cloud based app which you can open in your browser. You access it by going to: Click “Register” and enter your Amazon account information.

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3 Great CAD Aids That You Can Find Online For Free

85For a range of professionals from architects through to interior designers, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is an extremely helpful tool that speeds up the drafting process and makes it a lot easier. Not only is it quicker to do the drafting itself, but CAD also makes it far easier to share completed and semi-completed projects with others.

The internet has made it far easier than ever before to access a range of tools and guides that can enhance the entire CAD experience too, and there are plenty of absolutely free resources to take advantage of for newcomers to CAD or experts in the tool. Here are three great CAD aids that you can now find online absolutely free.

First of all, one of the best CAD aids has to be the free CAD software that you can now download from a some reputable software developers online. There are many companies that specialise uniquely in the development of high quality drafting software for architects, engineers and interior designers, and this is evidenced in the quality of free products on the market today.

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Make Your Business Cards With Free Business Card Software

84Free business card software is a specific type of software used for creating free business cards. This type of software has many inbuilt features like mailing labels, address labels, postcards envelopes, shipping labels, CD covers, and various types of cards that businesses might need.

Nowadays, you can have many free software packages online. With the aid of this free, user-friendly and easily downloadable software, you can create impressive business cards. Some of these free software packages available on a trial basis. Trial packs can be used for a predetermined amount of time. To give you more flexibility and liberty, some of these packages have introduced different versions such as Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Deluxe. To be more precise, the free packages only provide you with some basic features. On the other hand, paid packs offer the most advanced features.

In this article, we will only discuss about the free packs. Free packs allow you to make an attractive card that looks simple, good and professional. Taking the advantage of these free packs, you can design an impressive card. You can include logo, nature of business, products and services. You get full liberty to encapsulate your business within a single card.

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Free Software or Open Source Software: Let’s Cut To the Chase

83It’s definitely not just the name

Free Software and Open source software feature different licensing requirements, which are promoted by two separate groups. Both are fixated on the availability of source code to the user along with the user’s right to study, alter and freely redistribute the code to others. The thing to note about the GNU General Public License of free software is that the developer can actually charge the user for the “free software”. This begs the question what exactly is free about this type of software. The freedom is that the user has access the source code along with the right to study, modify, alter and distribute the code to others (Free speech, not free beer as they say). An alternative to the General Public License is the BSD license, which allows distribution of the source code only and only if a few specific conditions are fulfilled. The free software ideology is promoted by the Free Software Foundation.

Open source software is not governed by either of these licenses described earlier and is promoted by the Open Source Initiative (OPI), a relatively organization. In this case, the ready to run software is often provided to the user along with the source code. There is no specific license governing such open source software hence we have two additional types of software related to open source – freeware and shareware. Shareware is payable though the user gets a period of free trial. However, access to the source code is not provided as part of the typical shareware license. Freeware users are free to download and use the software but access to source code is not provided. A majority of the true blue open source application developers however provide complete access to their source code and allow users to actively participate in improving the currently available application.

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Why Make Use Of Free CAD Software

82CAD, computer aided design software, can be expensive. The good news is that if you want to start using the software or you don’t want to use your budget on buying expensive solutions, you can try one of the free CAD software solutions, which is available on the internet.

The one reason you may want to make use free CAD software is that you can design and plan different products from homes or shopping centres to garden designs, fashion design and more. You can start to learn how to use the software effectively, designing and planning an entire process on paper with complete ease and efficiency.

You will find that the free CAD software provides you with accuracy. It is so easy to make mistakes when hand drawing your plans. This results in a lot of removing and redrawing, which takes you so much time. In addition to this, it is easier to make slight mistakes, which can be harmful to the build or process. With ensured accuracy, you can complete your plans and designs with confidence now and moving forward.

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