Downloading Add-Ins and Free Software For Microsoft Office Software

96Microsoft is continuously creating additional utilities, tool and other items that make Office run more smoothly and effectively.

Many of these items are available to you as free downloads at the Microsoft Office online web site. Searching for these items can make your life a lot easier when it comes to working in Microsoft Office.

When you are using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, click the office button and click the program’s options button on the menu. When the options dialog box has opened, click the resources category. Now go into the Microsoft Office online section, and click the go online button. This will open the Microsoft Office online web page; you will need to have a working internet connection to access this page.

When you are on the online web page, click the downloads tab to open up available downloads. If you see a download that you would like, click on it and then go on to downloading it. If you do not find a download you want, you can also click a category to browse for downloads or enter the name for the specific download in the search box to search for it.
Read the information about the download and the instructions for downloading and installing the item. If you receive a warning in the information bar, click the bar and select the action you want to take. In most cases, it will require that you install ActiveX control. When you are done, click download, and follow the directions on the screen to download the item.

Downloading additional Add-ins or free software is very easy, it will allow you to install additional items that upgrade the way that Microsoft works. As a result, you may find that the speed you work at increases, as a result of these useful additions created by Microsoft.